FAB Highlighter pencil is the easiest way to achieve the perfect brow. This soft tip pencil has a light pink shimmer which can be easily applied under the brow that you have just created with your Fab Brows stencil, to make your brow POP to the next level! It is a perfect weight and size so you don’t need Professional Makeup Skills but your friends will all ask who has done your make-up!

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Highlighter is designed to create the illusion of shadows. Highlighter on your cheek bones creates the illusion of Shadows making your face seem more defined. Highlighting down your nose makes your nose appear more slim.

This highlighter is applied right underneath your newly applied Fab Brows eyebrows to create the illusion that your brow is more full and defined. It can be used anywhere on the face however it is designed for the brow.

Our high brow glow pencil is a creamy consistency within an easy thick pencil making it simple to apply and smooth to view.


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