If you’re reading this, you probably already know that eyebrows are, well, really important. They frame our face, balance the features, and can change our entire look entirely depending on how they’re styled.

On the other hand, overplucked or unkempt eyebrows can ruin even a very well-thought-out makeup and make it seem like we left our house in a rush!

Because salons are often not an option for many, we’ve got you covered with all the know-how for taming those unruly hairs and shaping your eyebrows at home. Even if you have no experience!

Let’s do this.

The foundations

Firstly, yes, you can shape your own brows, but don’t get overly excited if it’s your first time and your hand feels shaky. Don’t start with a complete makeover! Begin with minor corrections before graduating to the big leagues.

Secondly, take your time. If you have to be out of the door in 10 minutes, leave the eyebrow work for another time, e.g. the weekend when you won’t be rushed or disturbed.

Lastly, don’t get obsessed with symmetry. Symmetrical eyebrows rarely exist, so what you’re looking for is to create an optical illusion of them being even.

What shape works for me?\u00a0

Before you start with the actual plucking, determine which brow shape works best for you.\u00a0

Use a brow pencil for measuring and marking.

Where should your eyebrows start? Brows should begin at the outer bridge of the nose. Place your pencil on the side of your nose and angle it towards the inner corner of your eye. Your eyebrow starts where the pencil’s edge hits the brow line.\u00a0

The eyebrow arch. Hold your pencil on the tip of your nose and move it to your brow, just over the pupil. That’s where the brow arch should be.

Where should your eyebrows end? Place one end of your pencil at the outer side of your nose and the other end at the outer corner of the eye. This is where your eyebrow tail should be.

Right tools and light

Great, you now know what the shape of your brows should be. Let’s make sure you have the right tools!\u00a0

All you need is stainless-steel tweezers, brow scissors, a spoolie brush and a mirror. We recommend using tweezers with a slanted tip as they make it easier to grab the hair at the root and pull it out without breakage.

You’ll want to use a large mirror where you can easily see your whole face and not just a tiny fraction of it (your compact mirror won’t do).\u00a0\u00a0

Though it might seem a good idea, ditch the magnifying mirrors. They focus on one area too much, creating the risk of over-tweezing or not seeing the whole picture (you want well-balanced brows, not one perfect brow!).

You also want a lot of natural light, so don’t set up your operation in a dimly lit bedroom or bathroom. If it’s possible, shape your brows during the day, sitting near a window. We don’t recommend too many artificial bright lights, same as with the magnifying mirrors, they place too much focus on the details.

Let’s tweeze!

Before you start tweezing, remove all the makeup and don’t apply any skincare products. You need a blank, clean slate, and products make your skin and hairs slippery and harder to grab!

Use both hands. The best technique to avoid breakage and injuries is to use both hands. With one hand (or finger), hold the skin around the brow and use the other hand to remove the hairs.

Tweeze in the right direction. You want to pull the hair in the direction of growth to protect the follicles and allow the hair to grow back! Plucking in this direction also minimises the risk of inflammation, injuries and even scarring.\u00a0

Don’t overdo it! It may sound simple, but it can get super tempting to keep tweezing until you get it \”just perfect\”. If that’s how you feel after 10-15 minutes, stop and drop the tweezers. Take a break and come back later to assess whether you actually need any more adjustments. Otherwise, you’ll need to figure out how to work those 90s brows until they grow out again!

Trim the strays

If you have thick, bushy brows, you might want to trim them after plucking. Use your spoolie brush to comb the hair upward and see which ones are too long or are going in random directions.

Don’t try cutting off a few hairs at once. Go one at a time to avoid bald patches!

Fill them in with Fab Brows

Congratulations, you did well, but your brows might still need an extra touch to nail that fabulous look!\u00a0

And nothing does a better job than Fab Brows that give you beautiful, natural-looking, salon-quality brows at home in less than a minute!\u00a0

Fab Brows Duo Kit comes in three different colour palettes that work for any hair colour and complexion, and you can blend the colours for your perfect shade too.

With Fab Brows, you can also choose from 6 different stencils for different brow shapes. It’s super easy to apply, sweat-proof, smudge-proof, water-resistant and lasts 24 hours. Rain, shine or a sweaty workout – your brows always look fabulous with Fab Brows!\u00a0

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