Eyebrow trends, just like any trends, have been changing for years. Many will remember the 90s when thin, almost non-existent brows were all the rage (and Pamela Anderson was the queen!). 

Today, thick, natural-looking eyebrows have become the ultimate goal. What a change!

We like the more natural trend. However, many people struggle to get their brows fuller and thicker. 

From overplucking a couple of decades ago and naturally thinner brows to thinning brows due to age or medical conditions, there are many reasons for that. 

In most cases, there are ways to speed the growth of your brows and get those fuller brows back. 

Here’s the Fab Brows guide on how to grow back your eyebrows.

Why are my brows thin? 


Genetics, lifestyle, health and even diet can influence your eyebrows. And while there’s not much we can do on the first front (not everyone’s Cara Delavigne!), we have power over some other areas.

Here’s why you may not have the thickest eyebrows:

Over Plucking. Yep, we did this to ourselves and are now paying the price. Sometimes overplucking does too much damage, causes scarring and may stunt hair growth. Oh boy…


Aging. As we age, we lose hair on our head and our eyebrows. That’s just the way the cookie crumbles. 


Health issues. We’re not doctors here, but hair loss can be caused by different health conditions, including vitamin deficiencies, thyroid problems and more. 

Poor diet. If you’re dieting, not eating enough or overeating junk food, you might not be getting enough nutrients that support hair growth. 


How to grow the eyebrows back? 

If you feel that you might have a health condition, consult your doctor. Otherwise, try these tried and tested methods. Just remember, it can take up to two years to regrow your brows, so be patient!

Stop over plucking. It can be challenging to do it, especially if you’re a perfectionist, but try! Pluck just the hairs that really must go and leave the others be. 

Get proper tweezers. If you’re using old tweezers with wide, flat ends, you might be pulling too many hairs out! Switch them to tweezers with angled ends. They will allow you to grip just the hairs you aim for – no collateral damage! And don’t forget to pull the hair in the direction of growth. 


Eat well and take supplements. Consult with a specialist and check if you might be lacking some essential nutrients. If that’s the case, they will prescribe you some supplements that might help your overall health and hair growth. And of course, eat more fresh fruit, vegetables and whole foods instead of processed food and sugars. 


Try eyebrow serums. Topical serums can help brow growth. You want a serum with the vitamin Biotin, peptides, amino acids, panthenol and hyaluronic acid as these ingredients promote hair growth and nourish the skin and hair. 

Apply the serum directly onto your brows as per package instructions. 


Use castor oil. You can also use castor oil, multi-purpose vegetable oil that people have used for beauty purposes for centuries. We recommend using it in the evening once your makeup is off and you’re ready for bed. Apply a small amount on your brows using a cotton swab, let it rest and go to sleep. It’s that easy! 


Be patient. Patience is key while growing back your brows. But it doesn’t mean you should feel bad or lose self-confidence over this! You can enjoy gorgeous, natural-looking, salon-quality eyebrows with Fab Brows Duo Kit. It’s so easy to use (takes less than a minute!), works for any hair colour, complexion and comes with different stencils so you can choose your favourite shape and thickness. She’s ready!

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